Frequently Asked Questions

-What are the globes made of?

The globes are 3d printed using a white PLA plastic specially designed for creating lithophanes

-How durable are they?

Very! We know people will want to pick them up, and chances are they may get dropped or roll off a table. Unlike porcelain sculptures, our globes are extremely durable. Our tests have shown that the globes can endure most casual falls with zero damage. 

-How do they operate?

They operate on two sources of power. They can be plugged in, and there is also a rechargeable internal battery for cordless operation. The globe will operate normally when plugged in, regardless of the charge in the battery. When unplugged, the battery will last between 4 and 20 hours, depending on the brightness setting you choose.

-How do the lights work?

There is an included remote control to access all of the lighting functions. In addition, you can turn the globes on/off and cycle through the light colors and lighting patterns by touching the charging port. 

-Are there replacement parts available?

Yes, you can order replacement remotes and charging cords. In addition, light fixture and battery have also been designed with a threaded port so it can be replaced if ever needed.

-What are the different light colors and patterns?

There are sixteen color choices on the remote, as well as multiple brightness settings. You can stay on any color, or there are lighting patterns that include smooth color transitions, fading between colors, and flashing. For temple globes, we usually use the white color, or let it fade between colors as a bedroom night light.